Public Engagement Director, East Midlands


"although I'm a seasoned people manager I wanted independent support to develop an inclusive and collaborative working culture that could increase the performance of my team.  PreciseHR delivered excellent training & coaching that embedded new thinking & practice that has improved performance by a visible 27%. Using HR-SmartHub enabled the whole team to get started with a structure that worked for us."

CEO, Midlands


"as a small business I found that I didn't need a HR department full time, but when complex Employment issues arose I really needed a team I could trust, who understood exactly what I needed and could provide a consistent and reliable service.  I fully endorse PreciseHR for their ability to explain all the options to me and provide hands on help to guide me to the right results."

Practice Manager, West Midlands


"I am deeply grateful that I had PreciseHR to help me untangle the issues surrounding a complex contractual case. Their clear and direct advice made all the difference which saved me precious time so I could concentrate on delivering patient care."

Marketing Manager, Nottinghamshire


"When I was looking at outsourcing options, my first thought was of how I was going to be able to navigate all the Legislation to ensure we had everything in place, it was so confusing?  PreciseHR introduced me to HR-SmartHub and now I have all the documents I need, access for employees and I even upload my own documents so its easy to share any updates, a bit like an intranet.  PreciseHR complete any bespoke work I need within 24 hours, with consistent advice and support they are a team I can rely upon so I can concentrate on growing the business, a perfect combination."

Operations Manager, Derbyshire


"Thank you so much, Claire Bamford (HR Operations Director), for helping me sort through all my options and find the one that felt truly right for me.  It was great that I finally met a HR Practitioner who got running a small business like me, so it was easy for us to work together and find a practical solution that helped me get things sorted."

Director, Leicester


"When I really needed a good team in my corner, PreciseHR was there. Their ability to work together to get the results I needed was nothing short of exemplary."

Success Stories


Coaching for Success!

Its easy to deliver training, its just a day or a few hours of your time but ever wondered why you get a flurry of acitivity when you just know that person has been on a course but it will be okay because they will have forgotten all about it by next week and you can all go back to normal.  What was the point in that?

If you think Coaching is just a fad listen up, 4 out of 5 of our clients commission Coaching follow up to embedd and sustain learning, our bespoke courses are split & managers are entrusted to develop projects and objectives that support change that makes a real difference.  Our Coaches will provide unlimited support for as long as you need it!  


Settlement vs £115k Claim

In a wrongful termination which resulted in a contructive dissmissal case, we were able to get our client a settlement that helped both parties move forward, whilst also helping the Employee with outplacement support in which to continue their career.  Sometimes employment relationships just don't work out but doing the right thing can help demonstrate your people committment.  Let us handle the whole process and independently support you with an amicable and practicle way forward.  


Toxic Employees Cost an Average of £276k per Case

If you think about the entire cost of dealing with case after case relating to the same employee, the managements time, the escalations, the operational specialists, the investigations and hearings, the cost on others, loss of productivity, feelings of injustice, the negative affects, then is it suprising that the true cost of a toxic case is more than quarter of a million pounds?  Dealing with probelms before they turn into epic cases might seem hard at the time but with PreciseHR we will guide you step by step on dealing with cases before they become a toxic waste of time.  If you need help at any stage we will be there to support you with our expert team of Employment experts night and day!