why outsource projects?

Experts in delivering results!

Outsourcing projects to us means you get the exact skills and level of expertise when you need it without the hassle of recruiting and on boarding an employee.  Projects are scoped and delivered within a specific time frame to suit your business because we have the resources to deliver.

SAVING you time and budget means you get real value add to support your business grow and develop, increase performance and deliver on strategic objectives quickly.

Projects can be delivered along with your in-house team or totally independently, we are used to navigating corporate agendas and working in an agile way.

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Typically we work with Public & Private Sector clients to deliver the HR value proposition, ensuring the service is delivering exactly what the business needs, with the capabilities & capacity it needs to enable the business to grow and succeed.

Projects we can deliver for you

Service Review


Does your HR service deliver what you need to enable your business grow & successfully deliver its strategic objectives? If not ring us to find out how we can help.

Reward & Recognition


Is your pay & benefits system reflective of the modern world or does it need an overall?

We can deliver a whole scale review using benchmark data & Hay evaluation to get you the right system fit for your business that attracts & retains top talent.  See how we can help. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Do you have over 250 employees and need to publish your Gender Pay Gap? Or have an obligation to ensure you take positive action on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion? Do you want to make sure you stay legal & reduce your risk around Equal Pay claims? We can help.