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Find The Best

At PreciseHR we’ll start by finding out exactly what you want to achieve as a business, help you create a blue print capturing the type of skills, qualities and expertise you need to get you there. We can help you to write effective job descriptions, evaluation processes, establish fair and transparent pay scales and develop competency frameworks to get your ideal candidate.


Develop Solutions

Your business is only as good as your people, invest in your people and you'll create a positive working environment where people feel valued and heard. People make your business a success. We consult with, develop and coach organisations – enabling your people, managers and leaders to be better. We define what performance issues you may have, design a programme of activity that addresses this and then deliver it for you - giving you the outcomes you want.


Organise & Manage

Our affordable solutions span the full HR spectrum and at every level, from day to day HR support through to complex change projects. This means you get the right level of support and expertise when you need it - whether through our 24/7 Advice line or in person. Regardless which route you take, you will always have a dedicated HR consultant, so you get consistent and professional advice that adds immediate value.



In a world which is both fast-paced and forever changing, organisations need to transform in order to stay competitive. We can give you the confidence to deliver change projects, re-engage colleagues and support the process with an integrated approach that will deliver the right outcomes both for your business and the people within it. You may be planning positive change to your organisation to help you grow and meet your strategic goals. By working together we can proactively help you to retain talent and identify the skills you need to move the business forward.


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Speak Up

Whistleblowing Service

Feel like you have something important to say but don't know who to say it to?

Speak Up

PreciseHR Speak Up service provides a confidential helpline that enables employees, contractors and suppliers to raise any concerns about their working environment. Our Speak Up service is available 24/7 – 365 days a year via our dedicated helpline, email or web tools. We are proud to offer our unique services to all types of organisations across the UK. You can call our trusted professional team who are trained to provide help and support to any colleagues who feel they need to raise concerns about unethical, illegal or wrong doing in the workplace. Create a Culture of Openness Whistleblowing must be given the right attention and handled correctly, or an organisation risks its own stability and growth. We provide clients with a safe and secure route that enables their people to speak up in confidence.

  • Improve stakeholder engagement, boost morale and build trust in the workplace
  • Prevent harm to your reputation, employees, brand and customer base
  • Reduce risk and impact to your bottom line

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