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At PreciseHR we’ll start by finding out exactly what you want to achieve as a business, help you create a blue print capturing the type of skills, qualities and expertise you need to get you there. We can help you to write effective job descriptions, evaluation processes, establish fair and transparent pay scales and develop competency frameworks to get your ideal candidate.


Develop Solutions

Your business is only as good as your people, invest in your people and you'll create a positive working environment where people feel valued and heard. People make your business a success. We consult with, develop and coach organisations – enabling your people, managers and leaders to be better. We define what performance issues you may have, design a programme of activity that addresses this and then deliver it for you - giving you the outcomes you want.


Organise & Manage

Our affordable solutions span the full HR spectrum and at every level, from day to day HR support through to complex change projects. This means you get the right level of support and expertise when you need it - whether through our 24/7 Advice line or in person. Regardless which route you take, you will always have a dedicated HR consultant, so you get consistent and professional advice that adds immediate value.



In a world which is both fast-paced and forever changing, organisations need to transform in order to stay competitive. We can give you the confidence to deliver change projects, re-engage colleagues and support the process with an integrated approach that will deliver the right outcomes both for your business and the people within it. You may be planning positive change to your organisation to help you grow and meet your strategic goals. By working together we can proactively help you to retain talent and identify the skills you need to move the business forward.


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24 / 7 Advice Line

Our Employment Law Advice Line available day or night, everyday of the week

Advice Line

PreciseHR has all the answers at your finger tips! Our highly qualified, UK based Employment Law experts are here for you ready to listen and support you with either complex and urgent queries or to simply reassure you when faced with every day employee issues. We tailor our advice to suit your business by offering a range of flexible solutions that help you navigate through the complexity of employment legislation.

  • Immediate response and support every day of the year, any time day or night, when you need us most
  • Dedicated, qualified employment law practitioners, providing consistent up to date and expert employment law advice and support
  • Solutions relevant to your business

The advice line isn’t just for emergencies, we offer advice, support and practical solutions to help you manage your business. Whatever your needs, whether it’s Health & Safety, Employee Health & Well-being, Employee software and online solutions or any of the other services we offer, simply give us a call. We are here to help. Call us FREE on our employment advice line 0800 567 7003